"Like many women, I spent years trying to lose weight with inconsistent results. I tried eating differently, doing tons of yoga and cardio, lifting weights – stuff that took a lot of planning and research but didn’t always pay off. Then I found Anka, and everything just fell into place! In the past, I hated how inefficient and time-wasting it all was, but with Anka, I could see and feel clear results almost straightaway. There were so many things I didn't know how to do (deadlifts, Turkish get ups) that come so naturally to me now, and I LOVE that Anka challenged me with new things like handstands and hang cleans that I would never have dared to attempt on my own. Working with her gave me a long-term fitness plan that's actually sustainable; workouts that change often so I never got bored; and a huge mental shift in how I think about my body and eating. I feel so much more confident, not just about my body but in general. Anka is the BEST, and I tell everyone about her!"

— Sarah L.

“I have spent my whole life overweight and too afraid to step into the weight room for fear of looking stupid, I would restrict myself to unhealthy eating habits and only stick to cardio machines and felt desperate as my weight went no where.

Then I met Anka. In our time together she created a custom nutrition plan for me, the program was so simple and it was everything I was looking for! Seeing progress come from Anka's program and my determination helped me develop this as a way of life rather than a passing diet fad. So far I've lost 9% of my body fat (from 27% to 18%), improved my posture, increased my strength substantially, I sleep better, I feel happier and my self confidence has gone way up. For the first time in my life I have been able to wear a bikini in public and feel great in it! I have found a love for exercise, weight lifting and fitness that I thought I could never have.

Anka has been such an amazing and supportive coach through it all, I really can't thank her enough for all that she has done for me.”

— Paige M.

“Working with Anka is a total blast! She is a transformative coach and I can feel my body changing on a weekly basis. As a dancer, my body is my instrument. I feel like Anka’s super-focused work is helping me to further tune my body and my mind. My core strength and flexibility have improved dramatically. My dance movements are cleaner, crisper, and much faster. And I’m more mindful of what I eat. Anka designed a custom nutrition plan for me that really understood my needs as a dancer. My energy levels have gone through the roof!

Anka is amazing, and anyone who wants to transform themselves and have a kick ass body should work with her. She’s a force and you’ll sweat like a demon, but if you’re willing to do the work you will definitely see the results. I was just a dancer before working with Anka. Now I am an athlete!”

— Darlene D.


“I have had an amazing experience training with Anka. She is motivating, thorough, and works hard at helping you work hard.

I was looking for a personal trainer who could help me with my constant travel situation, to create a program and learn exercises that might only require dumbbells and/or bodyweight. After only 8 weeks with Anka, I could feel a difference in my posture, stability, and confidence. I am 10 times more productive in my workouts even in a limited environment such as a hotel gym. Anka showed me proper form for all the exercises and made sure I did them correctly. What also impressed me was the variety of exercises and workouts that she is able to put together which helped to keep me engaged and excited every time I went for a workout. My flexibility has also improved because Anka has helped me identify particular stretches that I can do consistently to get better. I have also returned to competitive dancing, and have noticed how much my strength, stability, and flexibility have improved.”

- Le T.

“Words can't express how legitimate Anka is in training others to succeed!

Originally, when I started this journey I solely wanted to focus on losing weight. Fast forward eight months and my life is completely transformed! I started out at 227lbs, 45% body fat! Now, I weigh 177lbs and 28% body fat. Anka helped me to do it the healthy way!

Most importantly, she did one thing that will forever stay with me, she believed in me. She's aware of what you're capable of and she will bring it out of you as long YOU'RE willing to put in the effort. Never in a million years did I think I could squat over 100lbs! Never in a million years did I think I could run a mile under 10 minutes. Never in a million years did I think I could be this healthy and fit. This is the smallest I've been ever in my life. I literally stare in the mirror and can't believe the person I'm looking at because she didn't exist until I met Anka.

This journey is beyond losing weight now, I'm completely in love with my new lifestyle. I'm embarking on this journey of happiness that's insanely beautiful. It's all because of her. She's a gem and I love her to pieces!”

- Raven W.


“When I first moved to San Francisco I saw it as a chance to renew my commitment to wellness, both inside and out. While I had always been fitness and health conscious, I really wanted to do it right this time with the help of a professional. When I found Anka (she both looked and sounded BADASS!) I knew immediately that she was the trainer that I wanted to meet. I wanted someone who was going to be just as dedicated and passionate as I would be. I've now been working with Anka for over a year, and it shows! Physically, I've not only lost body fat and gained muscle, but I am also eating better, sleeping better, and feeling better. I've learned to listen to my body, to respect it, and to treat it well! Mentally, working with Anka has really taught me to be patient with myself, but still demand that I push myself as hard as I can and still have fun doing it. Most importantly, she's helped me gain a new sense of confidence and empowerment. On a session to session basis, I almost always walk away from each session having learned something new (I've even been able to teach my ex-professional athlete boyfriend a thing or too!) Without a doubt, being able to train with her is often the highlight of my week!”

- Lily C.

“Hiring Anka to be my personal trainer was one of the best decisions I've made in my work-out journey!

Due to the stresses and pressures of work and life, I've let things slip and had lost sight of my fitness goals. I simply couldn't stand the lifestyle I was living anymore. Fast forward ten months and my life is completely transformed. Anka helped me develop a balanced and easy-to-maintain meal plan. I consistently eat better (a lot less sugar, more protein). I feel I've become a new person.

I've also learned a lot about doing exercises correctly and effectively - things I wasn't able to do on my own. Additinally, she keeps me motivated and holds me accountable. I think Anka really has some magic power that she could bing it out of your best capability as long as you are willing to put in the effort. She believes in me and encourages me to believe in myself too. Achieving that sense of self-belief is the coolest thing about working with Anka.”

- Christy W.


“Anka is amazing. She is inspiring and very knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition, but most importantly for me body mechanics. Anka has made me aware of various issues with my movement, etc. that are result of inherited skeletal issues but there are ways to correct them to avoid problems. She is the first person to bring this up and it was confirmed by the specialist foot orthopedist at Stanford which I consulted after years of getting bad advice from two podiatrists. When surgery was not avoidable any longer she also helped strengthen areas and work on balancing on my left foot since I would need those during many weeks of crutches. I owe the peace of mind of having better mobility during and after the recovery to Anka. I have also witnessed what she has done with other clients regarding weight loss, confidence gaining and general body image. If you want a trainer that will help you not only with health and fitness but with your confidence and make you a happier and better person, I highly recommend that you hire Anka. The money you pay her for her expertise will pay dividends in the quality of your life.”

- Victoria L.


“I have had the opportunity to workout with Anka and I can’t recommend her enough. Anka is incredibly knowledgeable and highly driven. She is force of nature; the breadth of her experience and knowledge took my workout to a whole new level. She showed me a back and chest workout that had me begging for surcease, and at the end I was totally exhausted but excited to get back in the gym and do it again. If you have the opportunity to train with her take it! She is supportive and fun to spend time with, all the while pushing you to excel. Thank you Anka for taking the time and energy to train me it was so fun and enlightening. I really appreciate it!”

- Walter G.