Personal Weight Loss Coaching That Actually Works

Let’s be honest: fad diets don’t work when it comes to losing weight for good. Even if it were theoretically possible to drop 10 lbs in five days, it would be miserable for the mind and the body. It sounds as boring a hell, but weight loss must be slow and gradual to be sustainable. Good nutrition outlasts a thousand fads.  

My focus is on making the right kind of changes to get results you’ll love. When it comes to nutrition, THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL FOR WEIGHT LOSS. We’re not talking about shakes or cleanses or body wraps: just a sensible real-food plan that will help you achieve a new normal for your body. Most of my San Francisco clients are shocked that they’re actually eating more than before and losing weight so effectively!

Here’s how it works. 


Optimum Nutrition for Weight Loss

Everyone is different. That’s why we keep track of everything to be able to correctly assess how your body is reacting and what is getting and keeping you healthy.  Your custom program includes meal plans, pantry guides and shopping lists, plus tons of advice from me on how to eat to lose weight and still enjoy great-tasting, easy-to-prepare food. No fad diets and gimmicks here!


Intelligent Training

Train the focused way, with one-on-one personal training sessions with me, right here in my home  fitness studio. It’s completely private—so no pressure, no interruptions, just real one-on-one personal training. I’ll teach you the best exercises to burn fat, boost your metabolism and sculpt the lean physique you always wanted. You’ll be so much leaner, stronger and fitter than before and completely confident in your own body shape.



Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching

It’s so easy to fall out of your routine of good habits and choose the fastest, though probably not the healthiest, food options when life gets madly stressful. My approach is not about being perfect at all times. It’s about doing your best and getting back on the wagon if life throws you a curveball and you have to put your focus somewhere else for a while, instead of giving up for good. 

Together, we’ll make the right changes so your new lifestyle becomes a habit. Then, when life, work or family become pressure cookers, you can pause the program—knowing you have the right tools to begin again with gusto whenever you’re ready to carry on. The empowering part is knowing exactly how to get back to treating yourself right. It will be as intuitive as brushing your teeth for sustainable, transformational results.

Motivation Coaching

When it comes to losing weight, the mind is just as important as the body. You can’t eat well and train well if your mind isn’t in it. I am not just a weight loss coach, but a health coach to give you wellness tools for life. I’m here as your sounding board, coach and cheerleader to help you break old ways of thinking and build new habits that last. Your body weight is just one area where you’ll see improvements. My San Francisco weight loss clients consistently tell me they feel amazing with ramped-up focus, soaring energy levels, decreased stress and much more…and it’s so sustainable for the long term. 

If you’re already here, then you’re ready! Contact me to take the first step for results that last a lifetime.