San Francisco Personal Trainer—Weight Gain the Right Way

Gaining weight is not just the opposite of losing weight. To build a solid body, you need a solid plan. The last thing you want is to lay down fat instead of muscle mass. The goal is to build strength steadily over time, from the inside out. Getting there requires smart lifting, eating and resting.

For gain-seeking clients, my programs are based on three foundational pillars: individualized nutrition, progressive strength training and lifestyle adjustments. Getting stronger and bigger only works if you are eating the right foods and are taking care of yourself. So that’s exactly what we do to take you to the next level. 

Just three steps to transformational change 

Step one: Consultation

The consultation is pretty thorough. We talk about everything you’re looking for and everything I can offer to help you meet those goals. I put you through a battery of tests—BMI, scale weight, body composition, measurements, photos, strength, flexibility, posture, range of motion, balance—everything, to build a picture of your ‘before.’ This gives us everything we need to map out a really strong game plan for getting you in the best shape of your life as effectively as possible.  


Step two:  Get to work!

The goals are clear, the stage is set—now it's time to go to work! You’ll do one-to-five focused workouts a week, one-on-one with me in my completely private gym. I understand that time is precious, but the more you commit to, the better your results will be. On a regular basis we’ll keep checking your progress against your baseline results. At least every 4 to 6 weeks, we switch things up to keep muscles guessing and ensure continuous improvements in your strength and all-round transformation. Performance is a really strong indicator of progress. You’ll be amazed how far you’ve come!


Step three: Fitness is forever

Your custom program consists of a detailed workout schedule appropriate to your goals, a precision, quality-assured nutrition and supplement guide to support your training efforts and a ton of lifestyle tips—sleep, stress management, how to keep your social life, what to do on those crucial rest days. 

All this, so you can create a lifestyle around fitness and food you actually enjoy. Forever!

Whether your goal is to bulk up to get stronger for a specific sport or just to feel better in your own skin, I can help you achieve more defined muscles than ever before.  All you need is guts and a willingness to commit. Bring those things to the table, and you will become stronger, leaner, healthier, more motivated, and feeling really good about yourself. 

Contact me today for a local San Francisco Bay Area weight gain training program with proven results.