Urbahn Fit is now MindSets

“Why do you think it is good to strength train and to get stronger?” This was a question asked of a group of kids. "Because it makes life easier," answered a 6-year-old girl. Yes! I could not agree more. If you know me or have worked with me, you most certainly have heard me say:

 “Being strong makes life easier.”

And feeling stronger physically most often also makes you feel stronger mentally. This belief lies at the core of my approach to training, and it drives my overarching goal:

To mentor my clients, so they are empowered and know exactly what to do when they want to make changes in their bodies and in their lives. I train their mental focus, as well as their muscle focus.

From this foundation, I’ve built a new brand that perfectly expresses the way I work with my clients:

Let me explain:

First, I get into the right Mindset for/of my clients by listening and asking the right questions to really understand your goals and what you want to achieve!

Second, it is important to understand that there are no quick fixes, no magic pills. We need to adopt the Mindset that fitness is a lifestyle—a fun and empowering journey that nevertheless takes effort and consistency. Fitness is forever!

And finally, we put this ethos into action in the gym, using proper form to prevent injury and get the most out of our workouts. Focus, reps, and timing all come together so that every moment the weights are in your hands, they are working hard for you.

In the end, it is all about how you feel—and let’s face it, no one has ever complained about getting stronger. I’ve noticed that my clients feel empowered when they achieve something they weren’t able to do before, including getting stronger, fitter and healthier.

I invite you to join me as we work hard and see real results as we explore our MindSets Fitness journey together.

Anka Urbahn