Favorites that take your fitness lifestyle to the next level

In the past six years that I’ve committed to bodybuilding and stepped it up with my  overall health and well being, I’ve gone through my share of trying out products and services to optimize my performance and make my life easier. I’ve rounded up 7 things that I’m loving right now that are helping me take my fitness lifestyle to the next level, including my latest and greatest fitness gear, my favorite spot to play in the beautiful outdoors, and the sustainable food delivery service of my dreams.  


Under Armour has long been one of my favorite athletic apparel companies for their kick-ass technical apparel and commitment to global philanthropy, and now they’ve made all of my training shoe dreams come true. Right out of the box, these trainers had the comfortable cushion of a running shoe paired with stability that stood up to pushing the heaviest sled across turf. They keep me blister-free through the most grueling workouts, simultaneously have enough wiggle room for my toes but hug my heel, and are priced under $90 so that I can snag another pair in one of 6 colors.


When I need advice on supplements, I see Todd at his Active Nutrition store. Todd doesn’t mess around - he’s basically an encyclopedia of information on supplementation and his commitment to Active Nutrition means that I’m investing in high quality products.

Recently, he introduced me to my new whey protein powder obsession - MYO-ICE™.  It’s not only seriously as Ice Cream Delicious as the package promises, but one serving packs 30g of grass-fed, lactose free New Zealand whey protein isolate in only 160 calories. Combined with only four other ingredients: cocoa powder, natural flavors, electrolytes & organic stevia, this might just be the purest and most delicious protein available.

If you live in San Francisco, swing by Active Nutrition in the Castro, and Todd can hook you up. You can also visit one of the other three store locations in Northern California or if you’re out of state, buy here.


I’m clearly biased because I love DIAKADI and consider it my second home, but reppin’ my favorite gym isn’t the only reason that I’m currently obsessed with these shirts.

They’re perfectly soft, come in great colors, and the cut is super flattering for a woman’s body. I’m basically living in them right now, both in and out of the gym, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Grab one (or six) in person at DIAKADI in SOMA or order online.


All fish oils are not created equal! A quick search will turn up all kind of nasty stuff found in various brands like heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs, or rancid oil. Gross.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega D3 Sport is seriously good stuff.  Every batch is third-party tested to ensure purity, and a single serving of Omega D3 Sport packs a high intensity support dose of essential EPA+DHA along with 1000 I.U. of vitamin D3. There’s no fishy aftertaste, and I love using the liquid formula on my salads as dressing.

If all that wasn’t awesome enough, Nordic Naturals is committed to sustainable practices for the oceans, the fish population, and their company.


Versa Gripps are hands down (see what I did there?) my favorite training accessory.

I try not to use wraps in order to build a stronger grip and forearms, but these are a lifesaver when my legs feel strong and I’m piling on the weight but my forearms are burned out from the previous day’s gymnastics bar or ring work.

They’re sturdy and super easy to use. Just wrap around the bar or dumbbell and lift heavy shit. You can buy these beauties at Active Nutrition (Yeah, they really have ALL the good stuff there) or at many online stores.


I love beautiful, fresh produce and cooking yummy clean meals. But I seriously don’t love the experience of grocery shopping. The store is usually crowded, the lines are long, and maneuvering through the city with grocery bags is enough to make me crazy.

Good Eggs is the food delivery service of my dreams. I shop local, organic produce, meat, fish, and other meal planning staples online for next-day delivery. Orders over $60 arrive at my door the next day for free, and I get to choose the delivery window to make sure I’m home to get my goodies.

So far, every order has come with a sweet little surprise, like a small bar of chocolate, a refrigerator magnet, or a lovely note from the Good Eggs team to make sure I’m a happy customer. Indeed, I am.


If you can’t find me at the gym, you’ll probably catch me at Ocean Beach with my pooch, Milo. The vast shoreline is perfect for long walks (me) and long runs (Milo). It’s not the fanciest spot but the view is spectacular, and it’s a short walk to the famous windmill in Golden Gate Park. No matter what, we always leave tired, happy, and feeling so lucky to live in San Francisco.


Love it or hate it, HIIT including TABATA are effective ways to lean out in addition to a solid lifting program. There are a bunch of timer apps available, but SECONDS is by far my favorite. It has a large and clear display, pre-programmed workouts, and custom settings to create any interval imaginable.

It’s free with an optional upgrade for $4.99 if you’re into using some additional handy features. You can even coordinate your motivation music with intervals right through the app to keep you focused and push through the pain.

Have a fitness favorite that I haven’t mentioned? Share it with me below in the comment section or tag me on Instagram @mindsets_fitness.

Anka Urbahn