Brand Hero - Christy Wu

Brand Hero - Christy Wu: “I will never say I CAN'T again!” How one foodie ate clean, trained mean and learned to push past her limits (while still maintaining the foodie lifestyle she loves)


Due to the stresses and pressures of work, Christy had let things slip when she walked into my gym. Once fit and mindful of nutrition, she had lost sight of her fitness goals and was seriously overindulging in her favorite hobby — food. Working out on her own did not achieve the results she was looking for, and she quickly found herself in a rut.

Ten months on, I caught up with Christy to see whether our sessions gave her the jump start she needed. Turns out, it wasn't just Christy who achieved a lifestyle transformation ....


Christy Wu, 36
Foodie and Fitness Enthusiast

Hi Christy, thank you so much for telling your story. Let’s start at the beginning. Why did you decide to start training?

I came to you in February with a new goal for 2016 — to work out more consistently, get stronger and have less body fat.  Working out on my own didn’t get me the results I was looking for so I decided to find a trainer. Previously, I used to work out 4-5 times a week and eat responsibly. I felt good about my body. By the time I came to you, I didn’t work out regularly anymore, did not pay attention to what I ate… I couldn’t stand the lifestyle I was living anymore - lot’s of fatty foods, lot's of sugars, not enough exercise. Something had to change.

What made you decide to train with me?

I found DIAKADI through internet search, and through them I found you. Right out of the gate, I knew I had found the trainer for me. It was a gut feeling. I wanted to train with someone who is serious about being a trainer, not someone I will socialize with. I’ve seen it many times in the gym – trainers and clients chatting instead of working out. I did not want that. I wanted someone who would motivate me and push me to actually achieve my goals. We still chat and have fun but we focus on the workout.

That’s exactly how I like to train with my clients. We have fun but we’re here to do some serious business.

Right! When we met, I told you that I had a pretty stressful job. I was eating poorly and having some stress-related stomach issues. My sleep was low quality, too. To fix these problems, I had some serious goals in mind:

  • Lose at least 25 lbs and get to a healtier body fat percentage (down from 30%)

  • Build muscle and get stronger, increase flexibility

  • Develop a balanced and easy-to-maintain meal plan

  • Lose two dress sizes and fit into my old clothes.

These weren’t easy goals and I knew I needed a serious trainer to keep me on track. You were exactly what I was looking for.

In the time we’ve worked together your physique and your athleticism have improved dramatically. What do you think has changed? What has improved since you started working with me?

First, I have learned a lot about doing exercises correctly and effectively – things I was not able to do on my own, not even after watching workout videos. Now I know how to train properly.

Second, you taught me how to eat better, a key aspect for me. I’ve always have been a foodie. I love to try new restaurants and new dishes and I used to overdo it, really overdo it! I honestly didn’t know how to eat right on my own, so it’s no wonder that my weight-loss attempts were not successful. I remember you tracking my food intake in the beginning and talking to me regularly about what to do better. You kept me motivated and held me accountable – I needed that.

I also needed and appreciated the accountability to show up and train with you. There were many times I did not want to show up; wanted to find reasons not to exercise. But you always encouraged me to stick with it. And I always felt better after the workout.

One specific thing I noticed was your attitude change.  You went from bargaining with me: “But you said only 10 reps…” to “Ok, let’s do this!” I remember thinking that our sessions might not work out very long because you didn’t seem to want to “get down and dirty.” But suddenly, everything changed. You put on your game face on and let me push you past your limits. And it turned out that you had quite a few surprises in store. Your strength improved quickly and you seemed to enjoy the workouts so much more.

I think you have some magic power! (laughs) Not that you are strict or scary, but sometimes you told me to do something and I didn’t think I could do it. But because you encouraged me, and believed in me, I tried anyway (which I would never have done on my own). Sometimes you were right and I was totally able to do the exercise, other times we had to lower the weight. The important thing is that I learned to challenge myself and to trust in my own strength and abilities. “No, I can’t do it” turned into “ Sure! I will give it a shot!”. Achieving that sense of self-belief was the coolest thing about working with you.

Exactly. In the beginning, you didn’t know what you could accomplish and never pushed past your comfort zone. But you were much stronger that you gave yourself credit for. I wanted you to see that, and to be proud of your strength and not hide it.

You helped me get clear in my head and focused. It gave me a way forward to challenge and push myself. I’ll never say “I can’t” again!

So tell me, Christy, what results do you see? Do you feel that you have reached the goals you set out to achieve in the 10 months we worked together?

Thanks to you, I feel stronger, leaner and lighter than ever before. If you want hard evidence of what you’ve done for me, Iook at my wardrobe! I can fit into smaller-sized jeans and shirts, and all that seemed to happen along the way. We didn’t start with a specific weight-loss goal or chase the numbers. We worked out, focused on the correct execution and meal planning, and adjusted to make sure we were heading in the right direction. But we never obsessed about what the scale said.

My friends and colleagues started to notice and complimented me on looking leaner and stronger - they especially noticed my biceps. I’m delighted about the results I’ve achieved!

Awesome! I’m so pleased that working out regularly and eating healthier and cleaner has had some positive benefits for you. How has your new lifestyle affected your life and those around you?

A big thing to me and my husband, who is happy for me and supports me 100%, is that I consistently eat better (a lot less sugar, more protein). I’m still a foodie, and I’m so happy that I did not have to give that up. My husband and I try new foods all the time; only now, my mindset has changed. Before, I used to overindulge and have a big meal with drinks and dessert and felt like I failed. Now, I give myself permission to enjoy it and then get back to eating clean right after.

I like this new image of me. I have proven to myself and those around me that I wasn’t just chasing quick results when I decided to try personal training, but that I have changed my lifestyle. Everyone knows that I am serious about training regularly and eating healthy. That’s me now. In the beginning, people didn’t quite believe me when I told them that I wanted to make those changes. Sometimes, they even tried to sabotage me – my co-worker would bring me chocolates during lunch break. Now, they understand that I would rather not eat sweets every day. I am known as the person who is healthy and fit and I like that.

I remember you telling me about those challenges. I’m happy to hear that those around you have changed, too.

Yes, definitely. People I work closely with know that this is my new lifestyle, and they accept it. I even connected with some new teammates who are living a similar lifestyle and we swap stories from time to time. I have gone on a couple of trips with friends and when the time comes to prepare meals, my friends are proactive in asking me if there is anything that I don’t want to eat so they can accommodate me.

That’s amazing and probably my favorite story you have told me.  You know why that happened? Consistency!

(Laughs) Some expected me to give up after a month or two. But I didn’t.

No, you stuck with it, transformed physically and mentally and others have noticed, so the way they perceive you has changed, too.  That’s truly a lifestyle transformation. Fantastic!

I used to find it so hard but now, I love working out and taking better care of myself. And it’s great when people notice.

I believe you took a trip to Tibet last year. Tell me about that.

I went to Tibet, and it sure as heck took a lot of physical strength. Lots of walking in high altitude. I’m not sure I could have done this before training with you. I felt thoroughly prepared and the treks did not feel difficult, especially compared to my husband and others travelling with us who had a harder time walking the distance. I can tell that my physical strength has improved and that I can walk longer and faster on hikes.

This all sounds fantastic. I’m really proud of you and everything you have achieved. On a sadder note - now, in 2017, you will be on your own.

Yes, my goal for 2017 is to continue this new improved lifestyle on my own. I really enjoyed working with you and I will miss it, but I really want to find out if I can do this without you now. Going it alone will actually save a lot of commute time  – the gym is quite a detour between work and home. It was absolutely worth it but now I’m ready for the next part of my journey.

I have no doubt that you will be successful. You are so conscious about your food intake and your exercise regimen. You know what makes you feel good and how to make continuous improvements. I know we will stay in touch and I’m excited to see how you grow. Do you have any last remarks?

I want to say thank you. I’m excited to get going on my own. I know what I’m doing - I’m even teaching my husband correct form when we work out together. I know I can do this. I might have some questions initially and it’s great to know that I can talk with you when I need to.  You’ve been a great help in transforming my life and I’m so happy I got to work with you.

Will you be next?

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June 2017

Christy is pregnant! 

"'s time to announce that as of 10/24/17 there will be three of us."

October 7th, 2017

Christy: “Our little prince 👑 has arrived! Please help us welcome Julio Hao Yan Yu into the world! He's born on October 7th, 2017; weighted 6 lbs 9 oz and measured 20.5 inches.”

October 7th, 2018

The little prince is turning 1!

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