Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts Turned Workout

This blog was originally featured on DB04 by Jacqueline Ho. 

Valentine’s Day can rack up quite a big bill. According to the U.S. National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend at least $116.21 on this holiday, a number that can skyrocket when gourmet chocolates, bouquets of flowers, and a fancy dinner get involved. Instead of showering your loved one with big materialistic gestures today, try taking part in something more memorable and intimate: a sweat-inducing, heart rate increasing, and endorphin empowering workout.

Yes, you can get tangled up in the sheets, but before you even get there, grab your partner and try this workout inspired by the tangible things you thought about getting them. If they get mad at you for skimping out this year, we’ll give you a pass: just hide in a sweet gift in at the end.



Dozen Roses = Dozen Burpees.

Dozen roses = dozen burpees. To perform a burpee, begin standing and then bend your knees to lower down so that your hands touch the ground. From there, hop back into a plank position, perform one push-up, and then hop or step it back in. Jump back up to standing to complete one repetition.

Conversation Hearts = Can't Speak Heart Rate Intervals. 

Conversation hearts = “Can’t speak heart rate intervals.” Hop on a treadmill and perform 12 rounds of tabata sprints. Extra points if you let your Valentine control the speed!

Chocolate Bars = Body Bars.

Chocolate Bars = Body bars. Grab a bar and perform 8-10 reps of weighted squats.

Diamonds = Diamond Push Ups. 

Diamonds = Diamond Push-ups. Opt for 15 of these variety, where your hands are positioned in a diamond shape.

Couple's Massage = Couple's Yoga.

Couples Massage = Partner Yoga. Help each other into new yoga poses or just breathe through a similar flow. Have fun with it!

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