When you discover your strength, anything is possible.

Anka Urbahn, Personal Trainer


Welcome to MindSets

Individualized health and fitness coaching, designed to get results.

MindSets was founded by me, Anka Urbahn, personal trainer, fitness blogger, former bodybuilding competitor and ex-competitive gymnast. I help highly motivated individuals get healthier and stronger and feel really darn good about themselves.

A long time ago, I learned that physical strength and personal strength go hand in hand. Your body and mind work in synergy with each other, and neither can thrive if you’re burned out or neglecting to take care of yourself. I offer a different kind of personal training, where we build more than just an amazing physique—we build mindset. Whether you're in excellent shape or just getting started, I’m here to support you in building a powerful body and taking on the world in your own unique way.

In fitness,
getting into the right mindset is everything.


My Philosophy

Yes, you are busy and yes, it’s really hard to make time for yourself when you have so many other commitments. But nothing is more important than how you feel in your body. Committing time, money and effort to your health is a top priority so you can have more energy for the things you love to do. And whether you're in excellent shape or just getting started, what matters is that you want to challenge yourself to get stronger and healthier, build muscle, look great, achieve more and feel really good about yourself.

We are all different and so are our goals. I specialize in creating long-lasting change for my clients and building strong, confident, healthy bodies that you can maintain for life. I am so incredibly happy when I help someone achieve their goals—from the time-strapped executive looking to work out more consistently, to the new mom who doesn’t recognize herself in the mirror anymore. If you’re already fit, I can help you push towards ambitious goals and really help you step up your game. I believe anyone can change themselves and their bodies and it’s my mission to ensure everyone leaves MindSets healthier, mentally and physically stronger and more confident in their skin. It helps when you show up mentally as well as physically—a lot of our work is focused on getting in the right frame of mind, training inwardly just as you train outwardly for whole-body success. Form over repetition. Mind over matter. The intertwining of the mental and physical.

I believe that success is a habit. The routines we build, both in and out of the gym, are the small-but-mighty building blocks of your health and future success. My goal is to give everyone who trains with me at MindSets all the tools and education they need to successfully reach and surpass their goals in all areas of life, long after our time together is through. Fitness is forever, and understanding this is the reason why together, we will produce amazing results.

And I think you know this but ...

There is no magic pill. 

The industry prays on your hopes and tells you there’s an instant solution. But really, progress takes place outside the comfort zone. Getting in excellent physical shape takes commitment, discipline and focus in all the right places. It's hard work and it takes time. 

I can’t tell you that my programs will help you drop 20lbs in five days—because they won’t. I don’t have a “magic sauce” or a “special trick” to get you ripped and bikini-ready in a month. That’s not what I’m about. But if you are serious about getting in the best shape of your life, using tried-and-true methods, no gimmicks, then I can help you discover all the incredible things your body can do.

I learned early on that physical fitness can help you actualize your goals in all areas of life.


My Story

I was born and raised in East Germany, a culture that rewards hard work, dedication and independence. I trained as a competitive gymnast and speed skater, and spent most of my childhood and youth competing at a high level in both disciplines. I fell in love with sports from a ridiculously early age, especially the confidence-boosting aspects. I learned early on that physical fitness can help you actualize your goals in all areas of life. 

When I moved to the Bay Area, I learned that it’s not all about discipline and hard work but that there is a softer side to things. I quickly learned how much more you can achieve when your body is in harmony with the mind and soul. I started living a clean, well-rounded and healthy lifestyle, and fused those techniques into my fitness programs. This is the process I teach, with genuine attention to all areas of your health and wellbeing.

Work with me, and you’ll quickly learn that I have a passion for people. I truly believe that our differences make us special, and I love to work with people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Everybody is welcome at MindSets! I’m excited to teach and show you the transformative power of fitness. But I’m also excited to learn about my clients—what they do and where they are from and how they make an impact in the world. Good results come from great relationships. I’m excited to learn about you and support you on this journey.

When I'm not training, you can find me taking my sweet pup, Milo, for a hike or run at Ocean Beach, tackling an ambitious DIY home project, treating myself to a delicious burger or satisfying my sweet tooth with a chocolate macaroon. Hey, it’s all about moderation!


Competitively trained in gymnastics & speed skating in Germany

8 years Karate (Shorin Ryu)

Bodybuilding competitions | Figure division:

2011 Fresno - 5th place Classic Championship & 2nd place Open Figure Contra Costa Championship

2013 - 2nd place Contra Costa Championship Open Figure, 2nd place Masters Figure, 1st place San Jose Championship Open Figure, 1st place Masters Figure

2014 - 2nd place Sacramento Championship Open Figure, 3rd place Masters Figure

2015 - 1st place Los Angeles Championship Unlimited Figure, 1st place Masters Figure, Unlimited Figure Overall Champion


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